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Free Printable Christmas Planner and To Do Lists

On this page we are sharing a beautiful Free Printable Christmas Planner that includes many useful to do lists and planner pages. You can print and bind or staple all the planner sheets together. This printable planner will help you staying more organized this Christmas. You can also print a few pages of your choice and use these as planner inserts. We have made 14 different free printable organizer pages and to-do lists that you can print. These printables are made to be printed on an A4 size sheet but you can change the size of the desired printout using the printer's properties.

This amazing planner that we are sharing on this page includes

  • A Cover for Christmas Planner
  • Christmas Contacts List
  • Christmas Meal Planner
  • Christmas Decoration Planner
  • Christmas Card Planner
  • Christmas Card Tracker
  • Christmas Gifts Planner
  • Craft Projects Planner
  • Cleaning List
  • Shopping List
  • Blank To Do Lists
  • Family Traditions Planner
  • Stocking Stuffers Lists
  • A December Calendar

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Free Printable Christmas Planner and To Do Lists

Free Printable Christmas Planner and To Do Lists

Free Printable Christmas Planner

Christmas Planner Cover

This is the cover of this beautiful free printable planner that we have made for you. Just click on the thumbnail image and a bigger printable image will open up that you can save or print. Please also pin the thumbnail images on Pinterest. We are sure that you will find many interesting Christmas Printables on our website. If you want to request some more printable please contact us.

Free Printable Christmas Contacts Organizer

Free Printable Christmas Contacts Organizer

This is a beautiful organizing list where you can write down your Christmas contacts. There is a different slot for each different contact. You can write down the name, address and phone number of the people you want to meet or get connected to this Christmas.

Christmas Card Planner

Christmas Cards Planner

This is beautiful and a very useful list. You can write down and keep the addresses of the people whom do you want to send Christmas cards. You can note down their names, addresses and city, state or zip code in it.




Christmas Card Tracker

Printable Christmas Card Tracker

This is another useful Christmas list. You can note down the names of the people and check the boxes in front of each name. It will help you get track of the Christmas cards that you have sent or received.

Free Printable Christmas Cleaning List

Cleaning List for Christmas Free Printable

This is one of the most useful list that one can have this holida season. In this Christmas cleaning list you can write down the names of the rooms in the left column, names of the things that need to get cleaned and then check the box under done coulmn when you have finished cleaning that room.

Christmas Decoration Planner

Free Printable Christmas decoration Planner

This is another very useful planner. You can use this Christmas decoration planner to write down the ideas you have for the decoration of the house. There is a different slot for the tree, for outside and for the table. You can also make a shopping list for the things that you need to buy.

Christmas Family Traditions

Free Printable Christmas Family Traditions Planner

Different families have different traditions for Christmas. This tracker will help you staying more organized. You can write down the tradition and the things that you need to buy or prepare. There is a space to write down additional notes too.

Free Printable Christmas Stocking Stuffers List

Printable Christmas Stocking Stuffers Lists

A person in our Christmas group requested this Chrsitmas Stockings Stuffers List. You can write name of the person, make a list of the stuffers and allocate a budget for it. There is a check box that you can check once everything is done.

Free Printable Christmas Shopping List

Free Printable Christmas Shopping List

It is always good to know what do you need to buy from a certain store. You can use this list to keep a track of your online shopping as well.

Projects to-do Lists

Free Printable Christmas Crafts Projects to do list

Many people like to make different craft projects for Christmas. This cute organizer will help you keeping a track of your project, whether it is a handmade greeting card or a cute woolen sweater. You can note down everything here.

Free Printable December Calendar

Free Printable December Planner Calendar for Christmas

This is a blank calendar for December. You can write down the dates and tasks in the blank boxes.

Christmas To Do Lists

Free Printable Christmas to do lists

These are 4 blank to do lists that you can use for any purpose.

Meal Planner

free printable meal planner for Christmas

This is a menu planner printable for Christmas. Just click on it's thumbnail image and a bigger printable image will open up. This Meal planner have different slots for starters, side dishes, main course, drinks, desserts, a slot to take notes and a shopping list to help you with grocery shopping.

Gift Planner

Printable Christmas Gift Planner Free

This is a free Printable Gift Planner for Christmas.

You can download the selected files by clicking on each thumbnail and by using the right click and save option in your computers or you can download all the files together here.

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