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Free Printable Christmas Gift Basket

On this page I am sharing cute and free printable Christmas gift basket that can hold small items such as earrings, candies, gums or any small and cute items that you want to present in a beautiful way. Just cut the baskets around the edges after printing, fold from lines and paste using a glue stick. All these easy to assemble paper craft baskets are decorated with lovely Christmas images.

Free Printable Christmas Gift Basket

Free Printable Christmas Gift Baskets

free printable christmas gift basket

This is a cute free printable basket decorated with images of Christmas stockings and snowflakes. A blue and red color combination makes this basket really charming.

christmas gift basket decorated with image of cute santa

This gift basket is decorated with image of a Santa on all found sides standing with his gift sack. Again a basket in a lovely color combination.




gift basket decorated with christmas stockings image

This colorful gift basket is decorated with images of colorful stockings and mistletoe. Kids will love these bright and cute small baskets.

DIY paper craft gift basket for Christmas

This basket is decorated with a colorful Christmas tree and a Christmas gift box. Click on the image shared above to save the bigger image to your computer.

gift basket decorated with image of ginger-bread-man

This is another cute gift basket for Christmas with image of a ginger bread man and a pie. The handle of the basket is decorated with image of Christmas vine.

christmas paper craft gift basket

This is the last free printable basket for Christmas that I am offering on this page and my most favorite one. This basket gives such a look as if it is stitched with a thread. I am sure that your friends and family will also like it.